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A Quick HelloWorld in jBPM

This quick demo for JBPM HelloWorld project uses the following technologies/tools and demonstrates how to create a BPM file and print Hello World string in console.

Article for setup the above technology are already shared(click on the above link). Before starting the steps for this tutorial I assume you are ready with the mentioned above prerequisites.

Step 1. Create a new JBPM project in eclipse

Once you setup the JBPM with your eclipse you are able to create a new JBPM project from eclipse itself. Just click on the NEW → Project → Others → JBPM Project


Choose “A simple Hello World process” and press next.


Now we have to select the JBPM runtime library file to the project while. Download the Runtime Library file from here.


This will create a new project in your workspace, with a “sample.bpm” process under src/main/resources package, the project will contain these file


Step 2. Create a Main Class

To run the JBPM we have to create a Main class and will execute the process from there, lets create a new package under the “src” directory and a main class.

Step 3. Execute the Main Class

Simply execute the main method and it will run the workflow for you and print “Hello” in console.


Download the Source Code

Download it – JBPM6-HelloWorld
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