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About Us

Welcome to CodeStrive, a technology sharing blog

CodeStrive is an open forum where people breathes through their codes. It’s an arena of tech-savvy people who wants to share their knowledge, tips & tricks on different technology stack.

In their leisure time they bake new recipes for applications and try hands-on with the latest trends of programming.

Beginning of its journey, code snippets on Java, JEE, Spring, Hibernate, jQuery, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Web App(mobile/responsive) are available.
Of late, a bunch of other technologies such as Magento, Maven, Cloud, Webmaster, SEO, Linux, Hadoop, Play framework, Phonegap and many more would be shared.

This is a non-commercial website. It does not make money. All tutorials are free and codes are available on code snippet (in website itself) or at GitHub. You’ll not get any annoying pop-up or dancing cabaret on the website.

CodeStrive Team.

Pride that quarells at self-breath