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JBPM Installation Setup

jBPM setup can be done by two ways:

  • We can go ahead with JBOSS latest release of jBPM-installer-final
    1. You can get the files from http://sourceforge.net/projects/jbpm/files/ (Try to get the Final release of any version)
    2. After successful download, extract the file and go to jBPM-installer directory
    3. From command prompt/ terminal run “ant install.demo”

  1. This command will take a bit of time as it will download few libraries and tools for jBPM
  2. You may get some error while running the command, Like “URL not found” or “File not found”. To resolve the issues copy the filename and Google it. You will get some or the other repository for that file, and put the file in jBPM-installer/lib directory.
    Note: If needed rename the file as the file name mentioned in the error script.
  3. After successful install, run another command “ant start.demo” . It will start JBOSS AS7, H2 Database, and Eclipse.
  4. Simply open any example from jBPM-examples

If you are facing any issues or having any confusion, please leave comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Manual process to install jBPM
    1. Download java supported eclipse (ignore if already have one).
    2. Download the Drools Update site jar. You can get that from Maven repository
    3. Install the JBOSS Drools plugin in your eclipse

Click help → Install New Software → Available Software Sites → Add
Choose the Archive file of Drools and Click add.

JBPM Eclipse installer

  1. It will install the jBPM related files in your eclipse.
  2. Now we have to configure the JBPM runtime library file’s. Please download the library file from here ( CodeStrive/GitHub ).
  3. OK, we are ready now. Create a new project in the eclipse and select JBPM → Simple HelloWorld, and set the Library file in the build path of the project.
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