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  • Feb 17 / 2014
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JBPM Introduction

jBPM is open source(distributed under Apache Licence) Business Process Management written in java. jBPM helps us to depict the business process throughout their entire life cycle like user, role, approval, task list, dashboard and reporting. Continue Reading

  • Feb 18 / 2014
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JBPM Installation Setup

jBPM setup can be done by two ways:

  • We can go ahead with JBOSS latest release of jBPM-installer-final
  1. You can get the files from http://sourceforge.net/projects/jbpm/files/ (Try to get the Final release of any version)
  2. After successful download, extract the file and go to jBPM-installer directory
  3. From command prompt/ terminal run “ant install.demo”

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  • Feb 24 / 2014
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A Quick HelloWorld in jBPM

This quick demo for JBPM HelloWorld project uses the following technologies/tools and demonstrates how to create a BPM file and print Hello World string in console.

Article for setup the above technology are already shared(click on the above link). Before starting the steps for this tutorial I assume you are ready with the mentioned above prerequisites.
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